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There us nothing that gives more satisfaction by sacrificing the one that we admire the most. Philanthropy has it’s deep roots in this word. All the philanthropy is all about this. Swami vivekananda spoke a lot about this. He always used to say that,”Always remember that renunciation is the
root idea. Unless one is initiated into this idea, not even Brahma and the World – gods have the power to attain Mukti(freedom)”



Yes, life’s like that. We have to drive the engine, give it enough power to climb upstream. Maybe sometimes we feel like we can do anything without anyone’s help. But we have to compromise. Frankly speaking we cannot. Can we eat food without a innocent farmer working hardly all the day. No we cannot. Some times we even feel that “come on, who’s going to care about all such kind of boring stuff?” But when we move to the irony we should.